Adaptor Nipples

Adapter Nipple ASTM A-53

Adapter NipplesAvailable in several configurations, Adapter Nipples provide versatility and flexibility to your design needs.

  • Grooved by Threaded
  • Grooved by Beveled
  • Grooved by Grooved
  • Grooved by Plain
  • Beveled by Plain
  • Threaded by Plain


Unless otherwise specified, adapter nipples for nominal pipe sizes 6″ and smaller are made from schedule 40 pipe. For nominal sizes 8″ and larger, they are made from schedule 30 pipe.

Alternative Materials

  • Black Carbon Seamless (ASTM A-106)
  • Stainless Steel (ASTM A-312)

Alternative Finish

  • Steel Shot Blasting (Internal and External)
  • Coated with Rust Inhibitor
  • Electroplated
  • Galvanized
  • Other special coatings as specified

Alternative Services

  • Pre-cut Holes
  • Factory Welded Outlets Sized and Located for Sensory Devices (e.g. water-flow detectors, temperature transmitters)

Good piping practices should always prevail. The designer should always take into consideration the design data of other manufacturers’ products when used in conjunction with ISLAND fittings, as well as environmental and service factors such as temperature, specific pressures, and external or internal loads.